Poets and artists have very generously donated the following items on this auction blog for the purpose of raising money for the Frank Sherlock EMERGENCY FUND.

You can click on items to enlarge the picture.

The bidding begins Friday, April 13th, and will stay open until noon, Sunday, May 13th (eastern standard time). Once a week in this time period the bidders will be given updates about the highest bids. On the morning of Sunday, May 13th bidders will be given one more update on the highest bids.

Please send bids to the e-mail provided at the bottom of each item, but remember to include in your subject line the name of the item you are bidding on.

Many thanks to the poets and artists who have contributed work, and thanks too to all of you who are bidding on these items to help out our good friend Frank Sherlock. And thanks to Linh Dinh for suggesting this fund raiser project.

This auction is put together and overseen by
CAConrad, hassen, Jenn McCreary